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Zing. Since 2006. Based in Laois Alternative Rock | Indie | genre
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Members: 3
Members Names:
Michelle - Vocals, Brian - Guitar, Alan - Drums
The Smashing Pumpkins, PJ Harvey, At the Drive In

contact name:Michelle Fingleton
phone: 0879802469
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When Michelle, Brian and Alan found themselves dancing madly in a darkened kitchen to The Smashing Pumpkins at a party, a musical bond was formed.

Zing opened shop in 2006 with the aim of making diverse music with bundles of energy, and anyone who attended their ‘garage gigs’ can confirm that this mission was accomplished.

That very garage became Zing’s laboratory, where they mixed concoctions of their influences and inspirations into songs that are just what your imagination ordered. It also became the setting for the recording of the bands debut EP – ‘Like A Monster,’ where you’ll find six songs full of energy, passion, style and fun.

Zing’s gigs were riotous, dance-filled parties, but soon they graduated to playing their impressive new set around the country, including an unlikely stop-off at the Hill of Tara, as well as popular Dublin venues like Eamon Dorans, The Hub, The Boom Boom Room and Temple Bar Music Centre. They made their television debut on RTÉ’s The Once A Week Show.

This electrifying alt-rock 3-piece draw inspiration from such varied sources as At the Drive-in, The Redneck Manifesto and Bjork, but the end result is a sound that is uniquely Zing.
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