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Tom Whyte. Since 2006. Based in Dublin Singer/Songwriter | Folk | Melodic Pop/Rock
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Tom Whyte: Guitar, vocals & harmonica
Bob Dylan, Christy Moore, Woody Guthrie, Nick Drake.

contact name:Tom Whyte
phone: 0871330896
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I’m Tom Whyte. I was born in Tipperary. I took up guitar at 12 years old and started to buy CDs around the same time. I had been a big Oasis fan but those tapes were put away for a while when I got into Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Rory Gallagher. Then I got into the Manic Street Preachers. Then, along with Led Zeppelin IV, I bought that Bob Dylan hits album that has Bob on the cover with a picture of some bearded guy under his arm. I’d heard most of the songs as a kid; I liked the CD. It wasn’t until I started to sing them that I got to really love them. Then, in college, I started to listen to lots of different stuff and came across some beautiful albums like Village Green by the Kinks, Weezer by Weezer, Safe as Milk by Captain Beefheart, The Band by The Band, No More Shall We Part by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Marquee Moon by Television, Blue by Joni Mitchell, LA Woman by the Doors, and On the Beach by Neil Young (to name but a few). In college I played in a band called Los Monocles – – who played a cool mix of different kinds of rock.
I suppose the Dylan influence is still fairly patent. I’ve heard people mention Christy Moore (not a big influence – maybe) and Nick Drake. I don’t really know. I love Neil young as well. There’s also a general folk influence.
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