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Thy Swan Army formed in late January 2004 from the remains of sligo band "socialite" and galway band "mali". The line-up is Pearse: guitar+vocals, Sean:guitar, Nicki:piano, Conor:bass and Tom:drums. We recently won the wittless band comp at NUIGalway, and have also been selected for IMRO Showcase Tour 2004. We are going to record our debut E.P in May with Robin Robins in Enniskillen. We plan to play as many gigs as possible between now and then. Our music sounds like Sigor ros jamming wth Radiohead in coldplays living room!!(sounds nice.honest!) Any bands who want to play in galway city just give me a call. I can put on a gig and garauntee a crowd of 100 to 160 + pay + a place to crash too. You wont even have to bring your gear!
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