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Percussive, punchy guitar and bass, wide ranging vocal melodies and harmonies, and intricate drumming: all within the context of solid, well-written songs. This is the music of The Ruse, a band that prefers to blur the divide between one instrument and the next.

Barry Brady - Guitar
Phil West - Vocals & Percussion
James Kneafsey - Drums & Vocals
Tony McLaughlin - Bass & Vocals

The Ruse have performed in Dublin venues such as The Temple Bar Music Centre, Whelan's and Eamonn Doran's; in Queen's University in Belfast; and on radio stations including Newstalk 106, Anna Livia and West Dublin Access Radio. The band was originally founded by James and Barry in 2002 but that line-up was not to be and the other members left the band in early 2005. After a brief search for a new vocalist, they met Phil West. They immediately cancelled all other auditions and began rehearsals. These resulted in a number of acoustic gigs around Dublin and it was at one of these that The Ruse met bassist Tony McLaughlin in November 2005.

Overall, the music that influences the sound of The Ruse include The Mars Volta, Radiohead, King Crimson, Tim Berne, Soundgarden, The Smashing Pumpkins, YourCodeNameIs: Milo, John Coltrane, Marc Ducret and Tool. 2006 will see new recordings from The Ruse, scores of gigs around Ireland, and further a field, and more radio play.

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