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The Rising. Since 2006. Based in Dublin Blues/Rock | Alternative Rock | Rock and Roll
'The Rising' on IrishUnsigned music:

Members: 5
Members Names:
Mark Fox - Drums Ronan Deane - Bass Niall Brennan - Lead Guitar Karl English -Lead and Rhythym Guitar James Kelly - Lead Vox
The Who, The Doors, Pink floyd, The Stone Roses, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Ocean colour Scene, Creedence Clearwater Revival

contact name:Mark Fox
phone: 0871248553
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The Rising
The story so far……

The band originally formed in 2001 under the name The Sublime. The original line-up consisted of Shane Kelly on vocals, Niall Brennan on guitar, Ronan Deane on bass and Mark Fox on drums. Over the next 3 years the band played many gigs in the Dublin area. Venues such as the S.F.X, Whelans, Isaac Butts (Radio City) and many more, where they performed some great shows to many of the Irish faithful.

Shane Kelly parted ways with the band in 2005 Sadly. The band struggled on for just 4 more months without him, before finally calling it a day.

A new day Rising…….

2006…..Time spent idle seems to be time well spent. The band draft in new guitarist Andy Weir and former Kuba lead vocalist James Kelly, brother of Shane, whose immediate contribution sets the flame burning again for this hard working Dublin band. The Rising is born and ready for the long haul in their quest to land a deal.

The Rising have pre-production planned for the first Ep for the Start of October and hope to have something ready by November. They are gigging regularly so check out for details or

The Lads have now recorded a 3 track demmo in AXIS studio and with the new guitarist Karl English things seem to be getting better. Look out the the EP :)
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