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contact name:Kieran Smith, 4 The Park Business Centre, Cabintee
phone: 0878074457
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The definitive line-up of The Reverb got together in June of 2003 and after only two hours to practice together the band were thrown in the deep end. They immediately clicked and thankfully their first gig as The Reverb was fantastic for the 40 people in the living room of the friend of the band.

Ed Rogan [Bass] and Tony Nugent [Drums] playing together for years lay the foundation for the band. John Power hooked up with them to cover the vocals and guitar and a few months later Neil Skelton came on-board to cover lead guitar duties. Skelton completed the package and The Reverb were left with 2 hours to get a 30 minute set together in a mate's front room. This was the start of great things to come.

A year down the line and the band have spent every spare minute sharpening up their songs. John Power won't perform a new song unless he's confident that it's better than anything the band have done before and it's this strive for perfection that keeps The Reverb sounding sharp. Few of the early songs remain for one reason: "They're not good enough anymore", admits Power.

The band bring together different influences but drummer Tony Nugent refuses to get caught up in a conversation about who's shaped the sound and who the band sound like. "I hate people asking who we sound like", says Tony. "There isn't a band out there that sound anything like us. I don't mean to sound arrogant but we've got a completely unique sound. I've never heard anyone like us."

The bands unique mix of pop, rock n' roll and funky blues are winning new fans at every gig and the band are building up a devoted fan base. The Reverb's live shows are energetic affairs and even though the band rarely cross the forty minute mark they always deliver a performance to last a life time.

The band have also recently recorded three of their finest songs, "If You See", "Predictable Man" and No Romance". Copies of the "Bit of the Old..." EP is available at gigs, at Unmistakable Sound(Blackrock,Co. Dublin) and from Road Records of Dublin.
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