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'The Private Show' on IrishUnsigned music:
ordinary soul

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phone: 0876728881
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The Private Show are 4 mates from Tallaght, they play indie music with a dancey vibe,they can be seen doin gigs around dublin regularly.
They are Gar: Vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine, sayin "This is the best bit" at every change in a song, sometimes has a beard but should ALWAYS have one:
Del Boy: Lead guitars, loves playin guitars, sometimes has a beard too and should relly let it grow, has the best "Just woke up from a coma" look on stage, oh and really likes playin guitars.
Har: Bass, programming, wants to grow a beard but cant, will probably get beard implants, has never won a game of ISS pro on the playstation, has an I AM KLOOT t-shirt.
Will: Drums, Cowbells, sticks rolls of cotton wool on the ends of his sticks, makes the best faces ever when he's playin, can play all our instruments better than us, oh and has a beard.
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