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The Playdoh Project. Since . Based in Heavy Rock | |
'The Playdoh Project' on IrishUnsigned music:
Empathy (Instrumental)
Insufficient Packaging
Laugh Out Loud
Tertiary Adjunct

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contact name:Darragh Jennings
phone: +35361304445
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We were formed from a previous unsuccesful band in May 2004 after a succesful gig with a new guitarist. We took him on and a month later we recorded a bad quality 4-track demo.
We hope to record more, better quality stuff and we are constantly getting more, better material together.
Our lead singer, Darragh, is our main lyricist and our guitarist Kevin, our drummer, Dave and our Bassist, Sean are the main guys who get the music together with a little help from Darragh.
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