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The Kybosh. Since 2005. Based in Dublin Pop/Rock | Pop/Rock |
'The Kybosh' on IrishUnsigned music:
Where In The World
Something I Heard In My Sleep

Members: 4
Members Names:
Rob Cumiskey, Anthony Doyle, Brian Higgins, Donal Cumiskey
The Beatles, Radiohead, Stevie Wonder, Green Day, Coldplay, Jimi Hendrix, Franz Ferdinand, The Pixies, Wilco

contact name:Rob Cumiskey
phone: 0861062509
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Do you remember the way you felt the first time you heard Franz Ferdinands Take Me Out? That excitement which spread through you as soon as the song jumped from the first half to the second, the change in rhythm introducing you to a whole new breed of music youd never heard before, while still staying within the realms of what you were comfortably familiar with?
Or even when you heard Wonderwall for the first time. The singalongability of it, and the way that you could practically feel the atmosphere of a live performance, just by listening to the record.

Doesnt happen very often, does it? Well prepare for it to happen again, as The Kybosh make their debut visit to your eardrums, and shake up everything you ever thought about good pop-rock.

Known as Soma until November 2005, The Kybosh are pretty young as bands go; in fact, theyve only existed in their current form since the summer of 2005, when Anthony Doyle perched his arse on the vacant drumstool. In doing this, he joined founding siblings Rob and Donal Cumiskey, as well as lead guitarist Brian Higgins, thus completing the line-up of a band who would rapidly make their mark on the Dublin scene.

Having twice featured in the Evening Herald once in July as Soma, when their song Starry Eyed featuring as the top entry on weekly downloads column Burn Baby Burn, and again in November when Rob and Donal were interviewed about their musical tastes for the miPod column the band have clearly begun to make their waves, despite the lack of a particularly heavy gigging schedule.

Thats yet to come, you see. But if these last few months have been anything to go by, when The Kybosh are finally unleashed in all their power and glory, the stage has been set for one hell of an explosion onto an already vibrant Dublin scene.

- Aidan Coughlan, Journalist
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