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The Flow are:

Eamon McGee: Guitar, Vocals
Brian O Toole: Guitar, Vocals
Colm Moloney: Drums
Robert Mulhern: Bass

Originally formed in Donegal, Ireland in July '02 by Eamon McGee, Colm Moloney, Brian O Toole and Stephen Morgan as a half assed attempt at a band, The Flow's combination of various influences creates a sound that's mellow yet lively, dark yet upbeat, heavy yet somewhat good. Stephen walked out in June, forcing us to search for another bassist and we found Rob who has helped forge the band as it is today. Eamon is heavily influenced by the early '90s metal era, Colm works his sticks for the "that sounds quite funky" type of sound, Brian adds punk and indie stylings, while Rob gives his alegance to System Of A Down and Korn

The Flow have quickly become a favorite among local alternative music fans. Receiving positive remarks and comments from local rock fans , The Flow decided to record an album (or at least give a half assed attempt at it). Their first album Bad Karma is currently being recorded and depending on how crap it is, will be available somehow shortly.
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