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?Imagine an Irish Captain Beefheart born in the early eighties. Scary, but entertaining.? ? Edinburgh?s ?FULL MOON FANZINE? December 2001

The Evangelists are:
Liam Gorry (guitar), 22
Eamonn Mc Colgan (vocals), 22
Craig Hawthorn (Drums) 19 and
Eoghan Holland (bass) 22

Formed: Spring 2000
Each member of the band has his own personal taste (in music). This ranges from Craig's "System of a Down" to Liam's fascination with classical music. The band has found that they don't necessarily have to write songs in the same genre of music that they have in their treasured C.D. collection. Thus far they have delved into ska, satirical Jazz, pervy blues and some down right heavy music.

The guys have a weird sense of humour and they make sure you know it through their songs. It is for this reason, along with their highly energetic performances, they have acquired such a large following with the student crowd. They've picked up on conversations they've had in bars and classrooms and breathed melody into them. At first when you hear the songs (or even read the title!) you might be alarmed but these guys have captured the sense of fun and truth that the music lover is now craving for. People have likened them to Primus, Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, System of a Down and The Doors.

Latest News & Gigs:
The Evangelists are pretty much one of the hardest working bands from the North of Ireland. Currently based in Derry, so far we've amassed 77 gigs since our conception in February 2002. We've recently released our first professionally recorded EP entitled "This Is A Real Rabbit". It's getting quite favourable reviews in local & national newspapers as well as some airplay. The Irish News referred it as "the soundtrack to your insanity".

The Evangelists have played alongside bands such as Electric Six, The Damned, The Icarus Line and Bad Manners.

Metal Hammer, the renowned British magazine, are lifting "Microwave Man" from the EP and putting it on a compilation to be distributed in a goodie bag on their NU-BREED tour of the UK.

A video for ?Microwave Man? has been broadcast local and national television. To obtain a copy, simply email the band.

Lengthy interviews have just been printed in Hot Press and the Belfast News.

A new collective called "Things You?re Missing" have agreed to help distribute our EP in music stores across Ireland.

Live + CD Reviews & Comments:

?There?s so much originality and genuine eccentricity at work here that it does have to be heard to see what I?m getting at.? Eamonn P Keyes,

"One of the most entertaining, energetic and exciting bands to emerge from the North-West in a decade". Brendan mc Daid, ?The Derry Journal?

This Is A Real Rabbit is what happens when Alice in Wonderland invades Narnia, it's six songs of unashamed madness. The Belfast News

"The Soundtrack to your insanity" - The Irish News

"Very raw and very entertaining"
John Peel, BBC radio 1 presenter
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