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The Autocats. Since 2006. Based in Tipperary Rock | genre | genre
'The Autocats' on IrishUnsigned music:
Some of the music (Shur have a listen)

Members: 5
Members Names:
Rummy Terrific - drums/sex, Tony Occasion - vocals, Mickey Famous - bass, Timmy Genius - guitar, Jimmy Grand - guitar
the real kids, television, donna summers, little anthony & the imperials, the strokes, walt whitman, early michael jackson, the libertines, the pogues, pat mccabe, the coppola family, jacques brel, the sonics, and recreational tea and wine and whiskey whe

contact name:Fintan
phone: 087 2855858
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Rummy Terrific (drums/sex) : They found him in the slums of Florence, drumming on soup-cans with his own elbows. His favourite colour is red, and he always says it don't come easy.

Tony Occasion (vocals) : He is known for his immaculate suits and killer right-hook. He started out in the circus as a sad clown, was later fired for reasons unknown. He came to town on a Harley, and said 'I'm an occasion, bands should be formed in my honour!', then formed a band.

Mickey Famous (bass) : 'Look, I'm Mickey Famous, and I should be invited to everything, I'm a fucking bassist, I play with The Autocats, give me your admiration, money and sex'.

Timmy Genius (guitar) : Wrote 84 jokes on dexedrine in a Denver flophouse, then sold them to Cyndi Lauper for all her loose change. He is a self-proclaimed genius.

Jimmy Grand (guitar) : After co-writing the Belgian national anthem, and failing to sue Walt Disney for the character of Pinnochio, Jimmy Grand married a Mexican girl and joined the band.

We do the odd gig in Clonmel with other local bands!
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