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Texas Galaxy are a new band formed by Robert Crosbie in March 2003. First taking the stage nearly ten years ago, Robert has been involved in various bands and most recently as a solo singer/songwriter. He formed the band with Ciaran Clare on drums and Johnny Elliott on guitar. Gar O?Donaghue has just joined on bass.

Texas Galaxy pay a lot of attention to detail in their music. Each song is carefully crafted and full of intricate guitar parts and overdubs. However, they are not afraid to rock out either, and have recently been thrilling audiences with special acoustic shows.

Their influences range from the slow moodiness of Red House Painters, the more psychedelic elements of early Smashing Pumpkins, and the straightforward rock of Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

Robert writes the songs and produces the band at their own Lotus Studios in Dublin. Having their own studio affords them the luxury of being able to record when they want, and as a result over two full albums? worth of songs has been recorded in the last 8 months (over 40 -
there are nearly 250 songs in Rob?s discography).

Texas Galaxy will soon be hitting their stride as the band to watch on the live circuit. If the excitement caused by their acoustic shows is any indication, the electric shows will certainly be worth catching.

During winter 2003, Texas Galaxy will be playing venues such as The Mezz, Spy Bar, The Sugar Club, and The Cobblestone.

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