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Evan prendergast~VOCALS
Thomas donaghue~GUITAR
Evan reid~GUITAR
Chris long~drums

During september Thomas asked Evan (who was still in ‘economy of the youth’ at the time) to do to one song when they play in the zoo. Evan accepted his offer, later on ‘economy of the youth’ didnt work out and evan was asked to join the band permanantly. From the first practice things worked like clockwork!

With Chris’ funk styled drumming, Evans’ solo spitting guitar abilities ,Thomas’ heavier than a truck riffs and Evans heart drenched screams…

‘Take The Bullets’ was born…

The band have already played the ‘Zoo’ and they got a huge encore.

They where featured in the ‘Kilkenny People’ and the ‘Kilkenny Voice’ for that gig. So for a new band they have made a name for themselves.
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