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contact name:mic geraghty
phone: 0868918494
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Band Biography

TKO were born in May of 2004. Formed from the burning embers of ashes from previous bands, TKO reignited the musical flames of it’s members, Mic, Gram, Si, Steve and the Cat.

After a year and a half of a musical hiatus, an inspired night at a favourite watering hole prompted Mic to reform a band with his brother Gram. Knowing the support and musical talent of long time friend and former band member, Si, was waiting in the wings, the seeds of the band had been planted.

Here was the strong foundations needed to build the band, what was required next was a skilful drummer who could complement the songs, fit in with the bands personalities and provide that extra “something??? that each member of TKO seems to
bring individually to the band. With previous band drummers lacking in these qualities it was decided to advertise the position, and with a lot of luck TKO came across a gifted Italian by the name of Silvestro Mascali. After a few drinks in the inaugural home of Irish music, Whelans, with Mic, Silvestro “The Cat??? was adopted into the TKO family.

After a few rehearsals, it was noted that something was lacking within the band and so it was decided that to fulfil the true potential of the songs an old friend and musical colleague was needed. Consequently, Steve Lynch fitted the bill perfectly and became the last piece of the TKO jigsaw.

After the line up had been completed, the band entered into an intense rehearsal period, perfecting Mic’s songs and evolving the unique TKO sound. The sound stems from the fusion of the eclectic and broad ranging of influences of the band members, culminating a melodic-funk-rock sound.

The name followed the sound. Originating from a boxing term “technical knock out???, the name in fact has a specific and personal meaning for each the 5 members which they have disclosed to few, preferring to ambiguously leave its meaning to friends and fans to decipher and interpret themselves.

The future holds no barriers or boundaries to the band, only opportunities to progress their songs and style, enliven their audiences and endear themselves and their music to all they encounter. TKO are an experience not to be missed….

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