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Tafuc are a famous Irish band which has been creating music for over 40 years. The band was originally formed in 1962 by an unknown character who went by the name of Tom Kelly. Over the years the band collaborated with many of the worlds great musicians. The band disbanded in the late eighties following the disappearance of the bands founding member, Tom Kelly. After numerous attempted come backs in the nineties the band never quite reached the same heights as it had experienced in the mid sixties and seventies. Then in 2004 the band was reformed by 3 men going under the names FLA, Tom Kelly and JOSHUA. The fact that the band is joined by another member under the name Tom Kelly is coincidence says band members who are unwilling to talk further on the matter. The band new line up which features many new talented musicians has gone on to record and release its first album in over 20 years entitled “Songs From A Prayer Room?. It contains the famous songs “Clontarf 1014?, “The Ballad Of Tom & Paddy? and “Two Mile? amongst others. Unfortunately all previous recordings from the bands previous 25 albums was all lost in 1987 with the disappearance of the bands founder. The new line up has embraced many musical genres and has been described as a traditional Irish, alternative, blues, rock, classical, jazz, funk, ceili band.

FLA - (Lead Vocals,Tin Whistle, Founder & Songwriter), Tom Kelly - (Percussion, Bass...anything at all really, Co-Founder & Songwriter), JOSHUA - (Guitar, Co-Founder & Songwriter), Bernard - (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals), Regan - (Guitar, Vocals), Johno- (Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals, Piano/ Organ), Lauren - (Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals), Markeen - (Keyboards), DeCoy - (Piano, Tin Whistle)
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