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Surly. Since 2003. Based in Limerick Alternative Rock | Atmospherics | Electronic
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Members: Four
Members Names:
Mike Noonan - Drums, Kieran Nunan - Bass & keyboards, Liam O Byrne - Guitar, piano & keyboards, Kevin Quigley - Vocals, piano, guitar & keyboards
Aphex Twin, The Beatles, Belle & Sebastian, Beck, Björk, Blur, Jeff Buckley, The Clash, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, DJ Shadow, Van Morrison, My Bloody Valentine, Pink Floyd, Pixies, The Postal Service, Radiohead, R.E.M., Sigur Rós, The Stone Roses, The

contact name:Kevin Quigley
phone: 087 2435042
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We met in school. We had played bits and pieces of music together in different incarnations during our time there. We formed Surly in 2003 when Kevin persuaded Mike to borrow money from him to buy and take up drums.

At present, Mike, Kieran, Liam and Kevin are in college studying Electronic Engineering, Product Design, Music & Literature and Philosophy & Literature respectively.

Musically, we like to think we're quite diverse. Initially writing mostly dreary music with lyrics that aspired to illuminate the flaws of society, we've gradually become influenced by a wide range of music and have familiarised ourselves with the dynamics of an increasing number of sounds and instruments. Now we might write any kind of music with lyrics that aspire to illuminate the flaws of society.

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