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Silver Addictive. Since . Based in Heavy Rock | |
'Silver Addictive' on IrishUnsigned music:
Holding you up inside
all we believed in

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contact name:Sabrina Joyce
phone: 0872249305
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Silver Addictive is Chris Crystal on Lead Vocals & rhythm Guitar, Gavin Karnage on Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals, Mark Gilleran on Bass and Liz Lawlor on Drums.

Chris, Gavin and Mark have been together for just over a year and after the recent arrival of Liz, Silver Addictive are complete. All members have previously been with bands as below.

Chris Crystal -(Lead vocalist with Nu Root Rhythm whom represented Ireland in Emergenza Competition Hamburg 1999, Later Co formed Goesha)

Gavin Karnage -(Lead guitarist with Kosha)

Mark Gilleran - (Bassist with Goesha)

Liz Lawlor - (Drummer with US Band - Fatal Flower)
Chris, GAvin, Mark and Liz all hail from Dublin and it is here that we set the scene for Silver Addictive.

Silver Additive’s music has been described as Big Stomping Rock Riffed tunes that just won’t quit. Loud, infectious and memorable are the apres gig thoughts of their fanbase, combined with energetic showmanship onstage. It is obvious to the well-seasoned music appreciator that their sound has been influenced by Led Zeppelin, Clapton, The Clash from an axe point of view, with colours of Rage Against the Machine and Smashing Pumpkins shining through in the rhythm section. Presence of something more than just another rock quartet is Undeniable at every gig. Silver Addictive teasingly leaves you wanting more…
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