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SiLkEn. Since late 2005. Based in Dublin Alternative Rock | Pop/Rock | Soul
'SiLkEn' on IrishUnsigned music:

Members: 4
Members Names:
Nicki O Reilly - Vox and accoustic, Pascal Launois - Guitars, Laura Doyle - Bass and percussions, Steve Massey - Drums
You won't find 4 more different people in one band - our influences range across practically evry genre giving us a very ecclectic sound!

contact name:Laura
phone: 0857113712
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The new and improved Silken were born from the embers of Medusa - a quintet that fused musical genres together to form their own unique eclectic sound. The original vocal stylings of both Liza and Nichola can only be described as sugar and spice~ both addictive additives depending on your palate. Their melodies mixed with Pascal original open note funk stylings and Lauras rock influenced bass lines leave no music genre lacking. The line up was completed late 2005 with the arrival of percussion veteran Steve whose ability to adapt to anything the Medusa quartet threw at him made him the perfect adhesive to bond the new quintet stylings together~ from rock to funk, blues to swing~ Silken's smooth sound will definitely touch your core...

Tragedy strikes!
The quintet becomes a quartet Nov 06 with the departure of Liza Doyle.
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