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Shane Supple a singer/songwriter from the historical seaside town of Youghal, in the county of Cork in Southern Ireland. He was born in May 1965 into a very musical family; His father Art was and still is a professional singer and entertainer who toured Ireland, America and Europe with what was at the time called" A Showband".
At 16 Shane started touring full time with his father's band. Starting as a roadie then progressing to sound engineer. Shane spent these early years learning the ropes and how to cope with life on the road as a working member of a touring band Shane also sang on record for the very first time when his fathers band were in the recording studio recording an album it was nearly finished but around three am one morning they needed an extra voice for backing vocals, Shane who had fallen asleep under the Grand Piano in Studio Fiona Fermoy was roused out of his sleep placed in front of a microphone and told sing by the producer Basil Hendricks nervous & scared but even more terrified of Basil, Shane sang backing vocals on several tracks that night it was during this time that Shane sang in public for the very first time, The venue was Ballycotton village hall and the song was "Blue Moon"

At 20 Shane decided to try and learn more about stagecraft, so he joined a touring acting company and spent 6 months acting in various stage plays and musicals, not only was Shane acting and singing but he also spent time learning how to build prop's, apply makeup, light show's, learn dance steps and routines, advertise and sell these shows, everything involved in the putting on of these shows.In 1988 Shane signed up with one of Irelands premier country singers Paddy O Brien, as Paddy's sound engineer. Shane spent the following two years touring with Paddy. These tours covered Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, and some European countries like Austria, where Paddy was representing Ireland in the European gold star awards. It was around this time that Shane started taking his songwriting a bit more seriously. Shane wrote his first song "Someday I will be a Star" and this opened the floodgates. Other songs were written among them Freedom, House of Cards, Aint room for Three, Tired of travelling, Eyes of Blue,
Then in 1992 Shane with some close friends and work colleague's put together his first EP "Eyes of Blue". Drummer on this Ep and long time friend who has continued to record with Shane to this day, was Kieran McCarthy, the other collaborator on the Ep was another friend and guitarist Bobby Lee. The Ep Eyes of Blue sold very well in England where Shane was based at the time and set the trend for Shane. The way forward was to record the songs he had written. The songs recorded on this EP were Eyes of Blue, Aint Room for Three, Freedom and House of Cards. Shane stayed with his father until the latter part of 1993 when he joined up with one of Irelands leading entertainers and television personalities, Brendan Shine. Shane was this time playing bass guitar with Brendan's band and doing concert tours of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. All the time Shane was writing his own songs.
Shane was feeling the pressure of traveling, with young family at home all the time he felt it would be best if he got something closer to home. This was a good move for Shane because it gave him the basis for the next step in the ladder, fronting a band.Shane had at different times played with local bands in and around Youghal most notably was a group called "The Grip", Shane's long time friend Kieran McCarthy was one of the founding members with his brother Paul and friend Jason Byrne. Shane completed the group and they played the clubs and pubs in Munster. Their music was a rock pop sound with songs from Pink Floyd,UB40,Talking Heads, Horselips and even one or two of Shane's songs.
As time moved on so did Shane who then joined another local group called "Little Sister" with guitarist Charlie Cudlip founder of the band and Martin Tuc Pierce on drums Shane fell in on bass guitar and lead vocals. This group liked to play at "eleven" full volume as often as possible. Their style of music was blues-rock with songs from Garry Moore to Albert King, Muddy Waters to Rory Gallagher. The set even included "Aint Room for Three" written by Shane and songs written by Charlie.Shane came across the words to "Youghal by the Sea" he decided to finish the song. This he did. Then he recorded the song and added another song he wrote and released it as a single.

It was during this time that Shane became involved in local radio" Community Radio Youghal" putting out a show twice weekly called the local music scene, promoting local music and groups. In Jan 1998 Shane won the Arts and Entertainment award for 96-97.This was presented to Shane by the local newspaper "The Imokilly People" at an awards night in Youghal. January was a good month for Shane, after winning the award and getting the single ready Shane decided to go back on the road fulltime with his old friend Paddy O Brien. Shane once again signed up for the long trip and became Paddy's new bass/keyboard player. In June that year Shane released the long awaited single "Youghal by the Sea" with a launch night in Youghal. Guests on the night were friends and workmates from the music world such as Paddy O Brien, Art Supple, Black Pearl, Bo Gators, Lance O Brien, Denis O Brien, Deuces Wild, Gordon Coleman and his father's band Tom Baylor, Tony Erangy, Padraig Parker backing most guests on the night. People began to listen to Shane's songs more and it helped bolster Shane's own belief in his songwriting.Because of this Shane kept writing songs and while with Paddy O Brien he put together an album of songs called "Original Songs 89-99".This album has received lots of airplay from different radio stations around the country and has put Shane in the frame so to speak as a songwriter and all round entertainer. At present Shane is working on a new album with new songs. To this day the single "Youghal by the Sea" is still in the local radio charts, having spent over one year in the top ten.

It was during this time that the song "Lifetime Guarantee" was written. Shane once again headed off to his friend Tony Kirby with a rough outline for the song and loads of ideas as to how it should sound. Tony and another great friend of Shane's Oliver C Keane worked on the song putting in some really great touches here and there creating what is to date the best song Shane has written. Shane returned back to the studio and was amazed at the finished backing track he sang over it and the song was complete.Shane decided to send a copy of the song along with some other's to another person involved in music and someone Shane knew, Paschal Mooney the owner of a publishing company called Green Grass Music. On hearing the song's Paschal got in touch with Shane and a publishing contract was signed for the song "Lifetime Guarantee". Shortly after that another song was signed up for recording by Kevin Prendergast this was called "Here I am- where are you" and was an old song of Shane's. This song was released on Kevin's album Cottage by the Sea. While this was going on Shane's father Art also recorded a song from the B-side of "Youghal by the Sea", a song called "Dance the last Dance". In 2004 Shane got word from Paschal that one of Irelands finest country singers Mick Flavin recorded "Lifetime Guarantee" on his new album.

At this present time Shane is writing as many songs as ever and enjoying life at home with his family.
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