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Shane Plant. Since 2000. Based in Dublin Alternative Rock | genre | genre
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Send me away

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Shane Plant - Guitar/bass/vocals
Nirvana, Pete droge, The white stripes, Neil Young, Pumpkins, Biffy Clyro

contact name:Shane Plant
phone: 0876677353
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Alternative new wave melodic punk grunge type stuff (hard to pin down)

Real songs about real issues and topics, some being of more importance then others. For instance, "send me away" is a commentary about the music industry post kurt coabin while "Blow" is about Irish medias reaction to increased levels of drug and alcohol use.

A 5 track demo/mix tape called "Muck" will be given away for free when finished in the next week... i believe in free music before being signed... two reasons.. firstly it feel sbetter when people at your gigs actually know the words to your songs and secondly free music spreads further.....

Let the monkey burn
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