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contact name:Eoin Clements
phone: 0879432949
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Shambhala are a five-piece band consisting of Drums (Danny Stuart), Vocals (James Dillon-Keegan), Bass (Garrett Sholdice) and Guitars (Shane Holden & Eoin Clements). They formed in 2001 after various attempts by its members to form progressive rock bands.

They are a fusion of various elements of Jazz to Prog. Rock. Their main influences come from the likes of Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Jaco Pastorious, Sigur Ros, The Frames, Rory Gallagher, Jeff Buckley & Massive Attack. Their main aspiration is to write and release intelligent, passionate music.

Since October 2002 Shambhala have been performing in local venues in the Dublin City Centre area. They plan to release a three song C.D. by the end of the summer and hope to receive some recognition for their efforts.

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