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contact name:Ray Kenearney
phone: 087 6667212
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Scope are: Ray Kenearney: Vocals/Guitar
Matt O'Brien: Vocals/Guitar
Chris McLoughlin: Lead Guitar
Terry McLoughlin: Bass Guitar
Seamus Kelly: Drums

Scope were formed in May of 2003 when friends from the bands Tinted Image and Remo decided to get together and form a supergroup based aound their collective and individual brilliance. To this day fans of the former bands have not been disappointed.

Scope came about when Ray Kenearney approached his former band mates, Terry and Matt, with a proposition to take on the music world and make a break for stardom. This trio quickly sought out the services of the forever fresh guitar genius Chris McLoughlin and rhythmic brilliance of Seamus Kelly.

From here they quickly established a tight bond and from here the songs of Ray and Matt grew to the anthems they will one day be.

They played their first gig within two months of forming in Eamonn Dorans to rapturous applause and have not looked back since. They are regulars at the Garageland Gigs and never fail to deliver anything but sheer vocal and musical class.

They have been likened to many bands ranging from Thin Lizzy, Lynard Skynard, Steely Dan, The Beatles and Coldplay but yet as everyone has agreed theyv'e forged and maintained their own unique sound.

Recently theyv'e been in the studio recording a spate of demos as they go in search of the crown "Kings of Rock and Roll".

"Legends in the making!! Utter briliance, a master class in Rock!"
Eoin Connell- Phoenix FM- Saturday Night Planet of Sound Show.
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