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Raftus. Since 1999. Based in Cork Alternative Rock | Electro-Rock | genre
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Members: 4
Members Names:
Peter Power (Vocals, guitar, Piano), David Duffy (Bass, Keyboards, backing vocals), Alan Maguire (Guitar), Colin Kirwan (Drums)
Radiohead, Muse, NIN, Gomez, Soulwax, Dave Matthews Band, Bjork, Clor, Rival Schools, At the drive in, Tool, Perfect Circle, Deftones, so many...

contact name:David Duffy
phone: 086 3848568
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Raftus has underwent many changes since its initial conception in 1998. Formed by Peter Power and David Duffy under the name Moonfish, it started out as an acoustic band, playing samll gigs for friends and in small cafes. Soon Raftus began to change, drummers came and went and a new member Alan Maguire was brought in.These three core members stayed together performing with many drummers. Recently an old drummer, Colin Kirwan, has returned from a masters in Jazz performance in Leeds and has rejoined Raftus to form the present band.
Raftus have done nothing serious of yet in the musical career. They were the first band to play Teenage Kicks in Waterford which has enjoyed amazing success since then. They have played on Pop TV na tSamhraidh on TG4 and have been featured in newspapers in Waterford and Cork. Most recently they were the runners up in the ucc battle of the bands competition in 2004. They were once played on the instore stereo in NEXT in Edinburgh.
Raftus have many influences which have been listed, however always try to maintian their own sound. Predominantly heavy, alternate rock, with driving guitars and melodic vocal lines, however electronics are beginning to feature more and more.
Raftus are hoping to enter the studio to record their first proper EP in Feburary. In the meantime they are hoping to perform as much as possible to gain valuable live experience.
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