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REBEL was born in February 2002 after a number of years of development and persistence. The band consisted of Louzer, Stef, Billy and Michael O’Neill. Soon to be giging the length and breath of Ireland the band spent a lot of time in rehearsals as they have done ever since. Stef left the band and in December 2002 he was replaced by the guitar wizard from Scotland known as Des. The outfit was now complete. Louzer lead singer and guitarist, Des lead guitar, Michael bass and Billy banging on the drums. Each band member was an established artist in their own right, having played in other bands and developed the expertise in their chosen instrument.

Initially, the band did a hell of a lot of cover gigs to finance the purchase of equipment and the building a purpose built rehearsal studio. Any of you out there who think this is an easy business, think again. After a while the band became self sufficient and started to write their own material. Each band member contributed to the original music and Louzer became the lyric mystro.

In 2004 REBEL recorded a demo or original songs in the now infamous Grouse Lodge. This demo was circulated to promoters and venues around the country. The demo fell into the hands of a Vincent. Vincent was so impressed with the demo that he offered to manage the band. Things were fitting nicely into place for REBEL. The next job for the band was to record a debut album.

Also in 2004 the band entered the You’re a Star competition on RTE. They did this because Michael heard Dave Fanning on 2fm asking bands to enter the competition even if they didn’t fit into the You’re a Star manufactured style. The band entered and stayed on the show for three weeks, being short listed from 150 bands to the final six. They were never going to win but the experience and the coverage didn’t do the band any harm. Ray Darcy was very impressed with the band and this is why they appeared the most on TV during the show.

Finally in late January 2005 Vincent sent the lads to Salford, Manchester to record “Little Red Hen Does It Again?. They have enough material for three albums ready for recording. Vincent decided to take a behind the scenes role with REBEL and Ned has taken over the day to day management of the band. Another essential cog in the wheel was the development of the REBEL website and without our man Brian, it would not have been possible. Brian designed, developed and continues to manage the site which is seen as an essential part of the REBEL package.

The band are presently giging around Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. They can be seen in a venue near you and it is worth the experience. Their first single “Love me and You? will be released on 30th October 2005 and the album is due for release in March 2006.
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