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RAMPARTS. Since 2005. Based in Dublin Rock | Punk | Indie
'RAMPARTS' on IrishUnsigned music:
Stockholm Syndrome
Breathe It In

Members: 4
Members Names:
Wayne Gaffney - Guitar, Kid - Bass, Ricky Cunningham - Vocals, Keith Biggins - Drums
Ramones, Foo Fighters, RHCP, U2,

contact name:Wayne Gaffney
phone: 0868921802
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Ramparts are band from the south side of Dublin & have been together since June 05.

The band was originally formed by brothers Paul aka “Kid” (Bass Guitar) & Ricky (Vocals).They were shortly joined by Wayne aka “Bowler” (Lead Guitar).Shortly after they began writing material which was heavily drawn from a Rock, Punk & Indie sound.Meanwhile the search for a drummer began soon after Keith (Drums) joined & the group was now complete.
In June 06 Ramparts recorded 4 songs for their EP “Cerca Trova” & has since been played on phantom fm where the band were referred to as “One of Irelands most promising up & coming bands.”Additionally they have been played on several other online radio stations.
The EP was also reviewed that same year in “Hot Press” Magazine by Jackie Hayden & was reviewed in a very positive light reinforcing the bands sound.
Ramparts have played in such places as Whelans, Temple bar music centre, Radio City, Slatterys of Capel St.,Eamonn Dorans,Voodoo,The Mezz & The Hub to name a few.
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