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Psychoplasm. Since 2005. Based in Clare Alternative Rock | Atmospherics | Elemental
'Psychoplasm' on IrishUnsigned music:
Stupid Little Things
Ghosts in your Head
The Most Fascinating Man in All the World
The Spirit's Game

Members: 1
Members Names:
Kittie Rose

contact name:Leigh Walsh
phone: 0860557873
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Psychoplasm is an eclectic music project combining a number of different styles and influences. Many of the songs are borne out of much of the expirementation that much modern music lasts, while still being simple and enjoyable(at least I think so).

The idea behind Psychoplasm is based on atmosphere; the way places and situations feel so different to one and another, have different energies and drives.

Psychoplasm literally more or less means "substance of the mind".

Psychoplasm is not for oral use. Psychoplasm may or may not increase the size of your penis. Psychoplasm is in no way associated with Trask Industries.
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