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Pennyblack Band. Since . Based in Melodic Pop/Rock | |
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Take me with you
Good Times

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contact name:Mark Ponsonby
phone: 0061 2 66853593
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In the past 12 months The Pennyblack Band have played support gigs for top Australian acts like The Superjesus, Taxiride, You Am I, Motor Ace, Diesel, Speedstar, Dave McCormack, Skulker, Charlton Hill and The Sleepy Jackson. Their live performances have won them many admirers, showcasing the outstanding musicianship within the group, but never at the expense of the song.
Based in Byron Bay on the East Coast of Australia they are regular performers at their local venues, the famous Great Northern Hotel, The Railway Bar and the Beach Hotel in Byron Bay and the Surfers Paradise Beer Garden on the Gold Coast. They have frequently toured the NSW East Coast. Their travels to date have also taken them on a week long tour to Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, Great Keppel Island in North Queensland, a tour opening for Diesel in Western NSW and on the Central Coast and a tour with Taxiride throughout Queensland in July 2003.
In October 2002 they released their debut 5 song EP, ?Get Ready for the Good Time? produced by Mark Ward. (Electric Hippies, Pearls and Swine)
'Get ready for the good time is classic rock, well arranged and pumped full of musical virtuosity.'
Northern Star
Their follow up EP was released on 6 October 2003 under the JSEM label and distributed nationally through Automatic Distribution.
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