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Welcome to the official Paul Roberts Webpage

The Story of Paul Roberts.

Paul is a singer/songwriter who has lived a life through a roller coaster of emotions, which is reflected in his deep song writing. Raised in Tallaght, he started playing guitar when he was 11 years old. Started song writing when he was in his teens.

"I learned how to play guitar at Trad sessions in The west Wicklow and Brittas inn-being smuggled in by my mother because I was too young -following the other lads not knowing what I was playing, but it sounded cool!", he says.

Playing in his first cover band when he was 17 (The Trespassers) he thought that was it, and it was, too many mates not enough ambition. From then he went from band to band before finally deciding it was time to try out his own material.

Richly influenced by John Lennon Being from similar backgrounds- inspired him to write his own music sharing his experiences in life with any one who would listen. His style is unique in the fact that he keeps things simple by considering his audience and not showering them with drawn out noise, but meaningful catchy tunes.

In June 2002 he played his first solo gig in Tallaght (Wicked Chicken) with just his acoustic guitar. The response was excellent so much so it gave him the platform to believe in his own songs. From then hes played in many venues on the Dublin scene Including -Temple Bar Music Centre, Civic Theatre (Support to Sonny Condell), The Shelter ,The Green Room & Mother Redcapps also venues across the country & abroad including Kildare, Waterford, Spain & Hamburg (Germany).

When he was due to headline the Green Room on Pearse St. he decided to get a band together without telling anyone just to see what the reaction would be, because hed been known as a solo artist he thought it would be a good idea to try something new, a bit risky given the fact that he hadnt even anyone in mind. But things came together nicely; recruiting for the band was easy it just happened.

"I had played a couple of gigs with Ray and he had just got a new bass (still not paid for by the way) and he was looking to do something new, that was good enough for me. I remembered I played a gig with Andy a year before and I liked the cool edge like sound he got on his guitar so he was well up for it, so that just left a drummer I had a few bad experiences with drummers in the past so understandably I was a little apprehensive when Joey was recommended to me. Still a young fella but shares the same drive ambition as myself he was the man for the job." After only three rehearsals they pulled it off and it was a fantastic gig caught everyone by surprise even the sound engineer. Paul was excited by the new prospect it was a change playing his songs with the backing of a band, so he decided that was the way forward.

The plan for the rest of the year is to continue gigging to work on their sound.

"Theres nothing in the world like the buzz of playing my songs live and hearing people singing along"

Paul has already started work on his debut album with fellow bandmate Joey Grogan and the recording has been very productive so far, and Paul is very optimitic of how soon the album will be finished. "There is still a lot of work to be done but i'm pleased with how everything is going so far with the album"

Paul has also been featured this July on a sucessful compilation cd of Irish Artists called "Sounds of the Suburbs" The Song that was chosen was "How far You're gonna go" Paul will also be touring this year to promote the cd with some of the artists featured on the compilation, to add to the cds growing success

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