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PHOENIX. Since 1986. Based in Dublin Punk | Heavy Rock | Rock
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Members: 5
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contact name:MILO
phone: 086 8666182
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Formed in Tallaght 1987. Reformed 1992. Present status In limbo until musical climate changes in Dublin.

Hard core melodic punk/rock outfit with skillful lyics & music. Vocals, 2 guitars, bass, drums.

Brief existance caused a stir amongst venue owners and punters circa 1987-1992.
Loud, Heavy, Fast, Melodic, Sweaty with lyics way ahead of their time...what more can you ask of a band...

Band dispersed but still in contact...Who knows ? - maybe if theirs a decent offer on the table ! ha!ha!

Contact the e-mail adress with the heading " Phoenix "( if there's any thing else you need to know about this outfit )

Songs vids and links coming soon...
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