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Niceol Blue. Since 1990. Based in Galway Singer/Songwriter | Folk | Traditional
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State of Grace
Patron Saint of the Broken Hearted

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Niceol Blue - Vox and Guitar
Everything that falls upon my senses. And some things that don't. The Ocean, The Deep Forest...wind, rain, traffic....I listen to almost everything and love these and more: Sean Nos, Mouth Music, Niamh Parsons, Alison Krauss, Eurythmics, The Velvet Underg

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phone: 0863199209
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I started singing before I could walk, and began playing the guitar not long after that. Both my parents are musicians, my mom on Piano, my dad on guitar, and both of them taught and encouraged me to sing and play. My earliest and best memories from childhood are of singing and dancing around the house with my family.
By the time I was eleven, I was performing on stage, and at 13 I was writing my own original songs on the guitar. After graduation, I attended Cornish College of the Arts, in Seattle - at first for Theatre, but upon quickly realizing that music was my true love I switched majors in that direction.
Once out of school, I began traveling and performing in venues all over the West Coast and Hawaii. Eventually, I returned to Seattle, then, after a visit to the West of Ireland, and falling in love with the land, I have settled in Galway - which remains my home, as I continue to gig and tour as much as I can.
I have put out two solo albums - the first one, "Soliloquy" in 2001, and a more recent EP "The Green Soup Sessions" in 2005. I am working constantly on new songs and hope to be back in the Studio this winter for a third fully accompanied album.
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