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Mike Got Spiked are an energetically diverse, Dublin based rock quartet consisting of:

Gavin McGuire : vocals, percussion
Conall McMahon : guitar, vocals
David Lodge : drums, vocals
Johnny Myles : bass, vocals

Over the past number of years these four musicians have played together in a plethora of different musical groups spanning a wide range of musical styles. As a result, Mike Got Spiked have
pushed back the boundaries of rock n' roll.

Until recently they played under the name Fingermouse, amazing
and amusing audiences all over D u b l i n as well as numerous appearances throughout the country. Conall and Gavin met in secondary school in Carrickmacross Co. Monaghan where their shared interest in music made them friends and band-mates.

But it was in 1997 through the Rock School in senior College Ballyfermot that they met fellow Monaghan man Johnny Myles and Dubliner David Lodge. And so Fingermouse was born.

From the beginning the plan was to create something new and different, to fuse rock music with everything from punk, funk and reggae to trad, jazz and death metal. Now as Mike Got Spiked the aim is the same, to give the audience something unique, both sonically and visually, and to rock the house wherever they may go.
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