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Mark White is from Monkstown in Dublin but has lived and worked in Athlone for the last 8 years. He first arrived in Athlone to study for a Software Engineering degree in Athlone Institute of Technology. He also spent a year as Deputy President of the Students Union while there.

Mark was founder and chairman of the Poetry Society while at college and it was from his love of poetry that an interest in songwriting developed. His songs are introspective photographs of his own life and the experiences of the people he encounters. Most of the songs are accompanied by a very distinctive guitar-picking style. His picking engages the listener’s attention while simultaneously supporting the lyric with an unmatched delicacy.

Mark learnt his stagecraft through the 90s as lead guitarist with bands such as Whats The Story, Blue Boots and Common Thread. His first public appearance however, was back in 1988 when he bashed out a few Eagles hits on an old Yamaha acoustic guitar for pocket money on Dublin’s Grafton Street.

In November 2003 Mark decided to go solo and has performed over 300 shows to date in the pubs and clubs of the midlands. His wife and manager Siobhan, a Stylist with Peter Mark in Golden Island, is currently taking bookings for 2006. The current show comprises an array of cover versions from different genres including rock, blues, pop, country, traditional and jazz. Apart from the guitar, Mark also plays piano and has recently taken up the saxophone.

In 2004, Justine Curgeven heard Mark’s demo CD and two of the songs have since featured on Channel 4 documentaries This Is The Sea and Iola, Y Condor a’r Puma. The new single Running Out Of Time was one of those songs.

Mark lists his songwriting influences as Paul Brady, Liam Reilly and more recently Damien Rice and Paddy Casey. Guitarists he has always followed are Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Mark Knoppfler, Rory Gallagher and also Chet Atkins.
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