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contact name:Ronan
phone: 087-6215109
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Formed at the end of summer 02, Musicola have taken the Galway scene by storm, playing gigs in all of the cities vanues to rave reviews and winning the Budweiser Battle Of The Bands 2003 title at the end of May 03.

After frontman Ronan Quinn was involved with "The Ambulance Chaser Project" CD (which showcased unsigned talent from the city and went top 5 in the nationwide charts on it's release in Sept 02), he hooked up with bassist Tony Griffin and drummer Senan Cullinan to bring the noise to the unsuspecting citizens of the tribal city.

They have already recorded a batch of demo's and are looking to play gigs nationwide in the next few weeks.Their music is great, the time is right, and Ireland will just have to forget about boring old U2 for a while beacuse these boys are going to take the universe by storm

Forget your regulation indie cord pants and hair brushed in front of the ears; forget the empty posturing of 90% of the current crop of Irish chancers with instruments; forget everything you think you know about what makes a band great.These guys are the business...pure and simple.
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