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M o r e l l o are five ambitious young men. They are presently a Dublin based band with four hailing from Monaghan and one, surprisingly, from Milan.

The band was established in late 2000 when Steve, Darren, Dave and Fin decided to pursue their talent on a professional level with a move to Dublin. These four left behind family, friends, university and work with a belief that they could accomplish their dreams of musical success. With the arrival of bass player, Alessandro three months later, the line-up was complete. Fin would then leave the band in November 2002 to be replaced by the current drummer Mark.

From early 2001 M o r e l l o set about writing and developing their unique rock sound and have been playing in all the major venues in Dublin notching up quite a few decent support slots along the way.

They are a hard working, punctual, determined and committed band that treats every gig and rehearsal with the up most professionalism.

M o r e l l o believe in their ability and hope that you will see their potential.

**** EP RELEASE DUE September 2003 ****
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