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Lukes Friends are a rock group from portmarnock co.dublin. The band consits of Darren smith on Lead vocals and guitar, Darragh Grant on guitar,backing vocals and keyboard, Keith Killen on bass and Ciaran Brady on drums,percussion and backing vocals. The band was born at the end of the summer 04 and are currently working on there new material and some good covers. Influences would include The frames, jeff buckley, manic street preachers, rage, bell x1 damien rice,ely and many many others.The band are also currently trying to recruit a violin player and another keyboard player its going well so far and hopefully will work out.

The website is currently under constructin and details will be added when got for any info just email us at
The band hopes to be gigging by next year and defo next summer. Who ever reads this we as the band would be very thankful if you said a quite thank you to the great luke"the green pasture"courtney.
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