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contact name:Des Grogan
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Darren Timony: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Martin O’Mahoney: Lead Guitar
Tom Dillane: Bass, Violin
Donal Herlihy: Percussion
Des Grogan +353 86 0675931 OR e-mail:
w w w . l u c e r amu s i c . c om
LUCERA (loo ché rä)
• A town in Apuila S. Italy. Pop 35,615 (1991)
• A Five year old New Zealand Racing Horse from the stable of Aquinita trainer Dan O’Sullivan.
• A Dublin based band playing rock/folk music using acoustic/electric guitar, violin, drums, toilet-roll inserts, sticky-back
plastic and scissors without parental guidance. Mother Earth gave birth to Lucera through the combination of alcohol,
the Nitelink and GAA training in the summer of 2003 and since then have been playing around Dublin and some parts
of the you didn’t even know existed!
With all members coming from different counties, Lucera have developed some interesting tunes containing catchy
strumming, melodic vocals, solid rhythm and soft violin playing. They create music more pleasing to the ear than a good
scratch of a pencil. In essence, light enough for the girls and heavy enough to maintain male interest, Lucera will make
almost any crowd stop and listen. Even herded wildebeest crossing a croc filled river!
Live, there is a notable sense of camaraderie within the group, which can be put down to well-matched personalities
and similar musical aims. Described by audiences as a loose mix between country and rock, (that they call coc.. no
rountry, yeah, that sounds better) Lucera’s most distinctive features are a unique southpaw singer, an angry lead
guitarist, hyperactive goat chasing bassist and a Puerto Rican drummer with a fluctuating waist-line not unlike Oprah.
Lucera have two simple ideas about music:
(a) that music must be honest.
(b) that the song is more important than any one instrument or secondary aim.
(c) that numbers will be replaced by letters and next time they’ll ask someone who can actually count to do up the biog.
“Delicately crafted hushed rock that at times leans toward alt country influences... ...Lucera come across as being a
close-knit unit, which transcends into brilliantly administered music?
“If you lot ring me again or call at my office I’ll have the Guards after you.... ...and the Horse you rode in on!?
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Recent events include gigs in the Gaiety Theatre, The Sugar Club, Eamon Doran’s, the Hub, acoustic sets in the Bia Bar
and Interviews on 98FM, Anna Livia and Dublin South 104.9FM.
For more information on upcoming events
Check out:
www. luceramus
Lucera have recorded an 8 track CD and 2 track Demo.
The 8 track is available to buy in Tower Records on Wicklow St, Dublin 2, at gigs or on request via email.
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