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Lissie M. Since 2006. Based in Cork Indie | genre | genre
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Lissie M - Vox, guitars...
PJ. Harvey, Muse, Leonard Cohen, Elliott Smith, Martha Wainwright, Tom Waits, Snow Patrol.. .etc...

contact name:Lisa Murphy
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Let me introduce myself...

I'm a musician, a writer & an artist.
I was born in London,many moons ago but only hung out there for a few short months.
I moved over to Cork then & have lived here since.
To say music is my life would be an understatement (and a cliche!!).
I eat it, sleep it and..well play and write it I guess!!!

I wrote my first song when I was six.
It was called "Gotcha Going".
I think that says it all.
Hopefully I've improved since then though!!

I picked up a guitar when I was 14 & taught myself to play it.
I'm a leftie but in my haste I purchased a right-handed axe
as they had no leftie guitars in the shop.
Ohhhh the hate I had for the guitar at that point!!
I cannot possibly express the annoyance it caused me.

However, I was determined to succeed at my weapon of choice.
So I got the strings changed round etc. etc. and voila!!
I still sucked.

But the strumming was a lot more natural to me
as I was using my left hand so I kept going.

I persevered & continued to teach myself,
and after hours of practice a day
I quickly became a quite competent guitarist.

My guitar has become a part of me.
I went away for a weekend during the summer, to my uncle's wedding to be exact.
Anyways to cut a long story short I couldn't bring my guitar as
it wouldn't fit in the car with the suits and stuff.
And, get this....I actually got depressed.
I had no way of venting my emotions & frustrations and
it really affected me!!!

My taste in music is quite varied at times.
I try to listen to a wide range of genre's so as
to have that influence shine through in my music.
My passion, however, lies in rock.
At the moment, indie rock is what I drown my ears in most.

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