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contact name:Catherine
phone: 0857392080
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I'm 20 years old and been going to open mic nights in London since I was 13. I featured on an underground Garage and RnB station. I left London and moved to Ireland with my family and have since been to a few open mic nights at Slattery's, Isaac Butts, Voodoo and once in Eamon Dorans. I mainly rap or Chat as we say in London but I have written around 5 soul tunes and 2 rock, kinda Gemma Hayes style tunes.

I am just looking for a bit of recognition in this crap world of music at the moment! I mean who the fuck signs CHEEKY GIRLS and Fast food bolloxs!

Im gay and just love this COUNTRY as you can tell!!;O)

Kepp it Real ;O)
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