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contact name:Raymond Hogge
phone: 087 2897666
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We're not going to tell you what a great band we are, or that we're destined for fame. We're not gonna tell you how great and original our music is, coz we would be biast. We're not going to tell you any of that stuff. Instead we will give you this.

Ki Kame are :
. Raymond Hogge :: Guitar, Vocals and Synth.
. John Keaveney :: Bass guitar.
. Jason O'Carroll :: Drums and Percussion.

Formation :
Ki Kame was formed in early 2003. All three had recently left previous groups and when their paths crossed, they all found common influences between them and so decided to set up a new group. Then known as 'Minimum', they soon had built up a solid original set and then set out to get gigs.

The music :
The sound of Ki-Kame is mainly a cocktail of the following influences:
Radiohead, Muse, Jeff Buckley, Queens of the Stone Age, Tom Morello, The Frames, Nirvana, Danny Elfman, The Coopers Temple Clause, Gomez and many many more. I'm sure you can kinda understand what sound is created from all this.

Live show :
Rather than just play our music and leave it at that, we try to capture the energy of the live gig. We try and see it from the perspective of the person in the crowd, thinking to ourselves,"If I was in that crowd, what would I like to see a band do". It's very important to entertain as well as play. I think many bands forget that.

Currently :
Ki-Kame are unsigned, manage themselves and are currently promoting themselves by playing as many gigs as possible with their original set. Early 2004 may see the release of a debut E.P. Check back for updates on this!
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