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*Karma Sue* are Daragh OConnell (lead vocal/guitar), Stephen Coyle (guitar/backing vocal), Peter Denham (piano/backing vocal)and Sean OBrien (drums).

In April 2004, Sean and Stephen were the remnants of a band (who had played most of the Dublin venues such as the Temple Bar Music Centre, The Isaac Butt, Voodoo and Eamon Dorans and had supported the likes of Marvin and Jaded Sun). Peter joined first and Daragh and Rory soon after that.

We all know each other from either primary or secondary school, and have played together in various combinations over the years.
Were all 20, and are all in second year of college aswell, doing weird and wonderful things such as mechatronic engineering, accounting and arts, in DCU and UCD.

We have fiercely diverse musical tastes and backgrounds.
Daragh is a modern punk afficionado, who also plays in a singer-songwriter type duo with the fabulous brid!
Stephen is a clarinet player who plays the blues, and stuff like The Stones too of course.
Peter is a classical singer and pianist whos now into the likes of Muse etc, and Ben Folds.
And finally, Sean is....well Sean! Enigmatic, witty and urbane, and of such status as a fashion icon 'round the UCD campus, and D4 in general that we had to stick him on the drums to divert the attention back to Mr. O Connell, (also a noteworthy trend-setting UCD sophistocat!)
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