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A musical genius from the age of 4, Marlowe (or Dr. Decibel as he is often referred to by NME) has being making music of astounding technical brilliance since the age of 11. Following a spell in rehab at 13,he vanished to a desert island off the coast of malaysia, where he regained the strenght in his junk-ravaged arms in order to play guitar again. he was spotted by a Hot Press writer in a notorious paedophile haunt in Kuala Lumpur(whilst asking for directions to the nearest Irish Bar to celebrate his 14th birthday) who persuaded him to come back to dublin ( after they got their stories straight)to continue making music for the indifferent dublin scene.Over time his genius faded as he slipped back into laxative addiction.Two years ago, he was tragically forced to quit music after he contracted dyslexia from a shared needle during his days in the shooting galleries of Dublin's middle class suburbs.It was to be cruel timing,having just been nominated for his first Meteor Award(which was ultimately awarded to Colin Farrell). Now 23 he has given up music and has absconded to the Sicilian countryside to pursue his first love, shoemaking.A sad, but all too familiar tale...
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