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contact name:johnny
phone: 0877784219
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Kallus was formed in cork in 2000 by: Tink, Johnny, Jean and Donal.

They have played extensively around Cork and played many shows around the country.

In the summer of 2004 kallus will be heading to the east coast of America to play some shows and do a small scale tour.

Kallus have supported: Turn, Cyclefly, Mixtwitch, Superskin. Kallus have a reputation for being a very original band with a sound that is not easy to categorise.

Even though they don't sound a lot like them, fans of the following bands may like Kallus. -Rage, Rhcp, Cyclefly, Incubus, Alice in chains, black sabbath, audioslave, a perfect circle, tool, Dredg, Blindside.
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