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K[nine]. Since . Based in Heavy Metal | |
'K[nine]' on IrishUnsigned music:
Living a lie
Raise your fist
Never again

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phone: 004793000830
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Who the hell is K[nine]?

K[nine] is 6 ambitious musicians that came together
after playing in various Norwegian bands as: diZHarmony
and Imprint. After a few jam-sessions, they soon realized
the potensial, and started working hard, putting the other
bands aside. As the inspiration sources show, these guyes
likes it hard, fast, and powerfull. However, they are
fasinated by the balance between power, and melody.
The Metal, and Metal Core fans will rekognize the link
to bands such as: Machine Head, KoRn, Hatebreed, and
Pantera. The band non the less is adding some features
that separates them from these bands.
Their ambitions are clear: Play as much live as possible
during 2006, and make as many people as possible
rekognize the fact that there is somthing exiting going
on up north. A jury in the national Zoom competition
in Norway saw this, and sent the band to the finals.
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