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Junior Johnson. Since 2006. Based in Antrim Folk | Singer/Songwriter | genre
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junior - vox & guitar, Mod McBride - Guitars
Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Don McLean, Shane MacGowan, OCSM, Bruce Springsteen, The Dubliners,

contact name:Ryan Johnson
phone: +34616195494 +44289447289
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I started writing songs after leaving a band and meeting a girl. City Girl was my first, and received regular radio play as an acoustic version. I decided to keep on writing, and a song I wrote, the Fireside, about a friend who's kicked his habits received international acclaim when the LA Music Awards made me Folk Artist of the Year 2006.

I receive regular radio play in Northern Ireland through the BBC and other independent stations, and I am on the verge of releasing my new EP (The Last Wallace) with a bonus music video. The Last Wallace was the title given by my producer's wife (Mudd and Maura Wallace) whilst drunkenly considering an apt title, given that the record was the last ever session in the legendary Homestead Studios. An honour I hold with great joy, and also tragic that it'll never be the same again.

The video was written, produced and directed by Lens Flare Productions, a local production company, who received critical acclaim when they were nominated for a BAFTA at 2007's awards.

I busk my guitar more than play it, a habit I haven't managed to kick since I made my dinner money at that game.

I currently live in Spain but return regularly to play and attend gigs, most recently and most proudly at the Glasgowbury '07 festival at Eagle's Rock, Draperstown (
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