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Jon Leahy. Since 2003. Based in Cork Rock | Singer/Songwriter | Alternative Rock
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Jon Leahy - Vocals and Guitar

contact name:Louise Leahy
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Jon Leahy grew up in Bishopstown, a suburb of Cork city, Ireland. At the youthful age of ten, Jon did first listen to a record by American thrash metal band, Metallica. He didn't know it at the time but this was the band that would later inspire him to forge a career in music.

At sixteen, Jon performed his first live radio performance on BBC Radio, while during the same period, played with local acts such as Paradox, Kaleb and jD. He went on to record various records with these groups, tour the west coast of the United States and record the all-important music video in Las Vegas in 2001. Very rock 'n roll indeed.

2003 saw him ditch the whole band scene and continue his musical journey as a solo artist. His newfound status saw him embark on tours all across Europe and make Germany his home base for the first half of 2003 while continuously writing and developing his new sound.

In November 2003 Jon's first solo recording surfaced in the form of a 2-track EP and was distributed on the underground scene. Bewildered by the response it was given an official release and became known as the Happysad EP. At the time respected journalist Mark McClelland of the Evening Echo wrote "A songwriter of true promise, with a dedicated approach to his craft, it is only a matter of time before he gets the recognition he deserves."

By 2004 Jon's live shows were gathering momentum and word of mouth alone secured him a slot at the Mor Festival in Ireland, which featured other rising acts such as Fred, Rest and Stanley Super 800. Around this time a live compilation was released to rave reviews with Jon's track 'Jealous Housemate' on it.

Jon's dedication to touring over the last two years did not go unnoticed and so saw him feature on his second compilation by the end of 2004. Titled The Family Tree Compilation 2004, it showcased Irish songwriters making a difference to the scene. It was launched over two nights to a packed Club One in Cork.

In 2005 Jon's status as a solo artist had risen considerably and saw him share a bill with Major recording artist Mundy in Dublin. His song 'Our Special' was also choosen to feature on Catalytic Session, a diverse compilation featuring sounds from Irish bands and songwriters alike. He also opened for The Maladies on their 30 date Irish tour which saw him play in every town and city with a stage.

In between touring Jon launched a bi-monthly music club called 'The Sessions' in Cork in June 2005. It served as a place where local and traveling musicians could come and play and also served as a place for Jon to test out new songs. The Sessions took place in the
intimate surroundings of The Phoenix but unfortunately as fate would have it The Phoenix closed its doors for the last time in April 2006. The Sessions was put on hold while a new venue was sought. Alot of venues were interested but Nancy Spains was the choice and so The Sessions relaunched in May 2006.

Dedicated to performing live, Jon will be on tour until summer 2007 which will see the release of his follow-up record 'Mute' on his own label.
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