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JUUTE are a four-piece from Cork,Ireland, whose short career has thus far been attracting the attention of many in the Irish music press and prometers alike.Hardly a surprise when one considers the depth of musical talent involved.

Featuring possibly the finest female voice on the Cork music scene(if not thecountry) in Vickie Frahill and the drumming of Jean Michel Cavallo(Cyclefly),JUUTE`s melody driven music has been captivating listeners of Cork`s 96 FM and RED FM following the airing of "Scream".

JUUTE`s first single harkens to a time when bands such as The Sundays and Throwing Muses breathed new life into a scene top-heavy with bland male dominated guitar bands.

JUUTE are about to release their eponymously titled debut EP-containing three of the freshest and most intelligently arranged songs of 2003 so far(Scream,Worry Junkie,Don`t)-JUUTE have revealed themselves as an oasis of musical talent and imagination.

JUUTE`s live performances to date in Cork,Limerick and Dublin`s Whelans have garnered the band a genuine reputation as a powerful live act and a forthcoming tour should see JUUTE establish themselves as a band with serious commercial potentional.
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