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'Inside' on IrishUnsigned music:
Torn (early demo)
Old society
Waste not, want not
The harder the fall

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contact name:Mark Ingram
phone: 07855512835
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(inside) was formed in the winter of 1999, by Steve Catherwood, and Mark Ingram. When (inside) was born, so to was the passion of writing new, aggressive material. The lineup has changed five times over the last three years, but with Andy Morrison on Bass and Andy 'G' on drums, (inside) is as intense as ever.

When asked to define our sound, we find ourselves dumbstruck. We mix the heavy riffage of the likes of Pantera, and Alice 'n' Chains, with the more melodic feel of R.E.M., 311, and Nirvana.

We have recorded, and produced 3 mini-demos, as well as having worked at Einstein Studios, in Antrim, on the 'Excursion' EP. Our latest mini-demo, 'SUCKER', contains 3 of our most recent tracks. These three tracks probably best define our musical style, and outline the direction in which we want to go.

We have the reputation of being a raw, live band. Our sets are powerful, and sharp. We really are 'What you see is what you get'.

Andy Morrison-Bass
Andrew G-Drums
Steve Catherwood-Guitars
Mark Ingram-Vocals/Guitars
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