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Ideal End. Since Early 2005. Based in Cork Alternative Rock | genre | genre
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Whatever Gets You
Lay it Down
Left Behind

Members: 4
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Gavin O
“Still-mourning Kerbdog fans would definitely find solace in Ideal End. Both acts share the heavy, dirty, chugging guitars that drew influence from the grunge era but Gavin

contact name:Michael McGowan: 0860629197
phone: Scott McGowan: 0857396668
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Normally when a new band is formed many of the usual problems arise; conflict of influences, personality clashes and the time it takes members to develop their various roles within the band. When Ideal End formed in early 2005 however it was the coming together of experienced and talented musicians who shared a similar musical vision and this, allied with their dedicated approach to song writing, has lead to a fine collection of original compositions.
Drawing on their wide range of musical influences Ideal End look set to become one of Corks liveliest and most entertaining acts. The combination of well crafted guitar riffs, powerful yet melodic vocals and a driving rhythm section has resulted in superbly written songs that are both immediately memorable and a testament to the bands musicianship.
This is highly evident on the bands debut EP “Lay it Down" The E.P. was released to much acclaim in September 2005 and has been aired on both Red FM and 96 FM. Songs range from the all out alternative rock of “Whatever Gets You" and “Lay It Down" to the more reflective “Left Behind".
Having already played a host of top venues such as An Cruiscín Lán (including a CorkRocks showcase), The Half Moon Theatre and Cyprus Avenue as well as supporting Kerbdog in December 2005, the band are fast earning a reputation as one of the top rock bands in Cork.
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