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contact name:Matthew Fulton
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Formed in the receding Winter of 2002, Iago was an escape from the mundane get-a-job, get-an-education way of life and it still remains so to this day, the irony being all the original members met each other in the workplace.

Those members being Oisin Montgomery (drums), Matthew Fulton (bass & backing vocals) and Matt Green (guitar).

As with most bands there was a vast amount of dialogue before there was any substance, and the dialogue was often colorful and idealist, just like a typical landscape painting by the hand of a crazed psycho-hippy.

Jam after jam was had with tunes created, then scrapped, then brought back, then scrapped. New tunes were written which looked to have more potential. But there was something missing. And Iago knew exactly what it was. A singer!

The search was a long long road which many have been through but not many words are consolation when you go more than a year and nobody sticks. Until a friend of Matt's returned from buskin' it in London. As soon as we knew he was back, Matt got him up for a jam. He was perfect. Actually, better! Something we hadn't expected to find. Many many jams were/are held, with tune after tune being rocked out to near perfection.

Having finally found our voice, literally, with Nathan Miller, we are ready to hit the road.

Watch out for Iago, because we don't give up without a puff-puff-give and an hour long laugh, followed by intense paranoia and a snack, and a nap.
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